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• LIVE - Zoom Calls

• Training takes place weekly for 16 weeks in a row -  our next session starts soon, sign up now!
The group coaching program and weekly strategy call give you access to Shon Kokoszka's knowledge.  Your ICON Coaching will teach you how to sell more homes and dramatically increase your income without working yourself to death. Kokoszka has proven success with more than 4,000 homes sold throughout his career and will work directly with you to help you accelerate your business and tackle your specific needs.

Group Coaching & 
Weekly Strategy Calls
Be a part of the group coaching and weekly 1-hour strategy calls that will be held every week. A workbook is provided for you to print off and participate every week.
Learn About Products 
and Systems
You will learn and be trained to Shon Kokoszka's products and systems, all available in a comprehensive members-only area with hundreds of videos, scripts, objection handlers and systems.
Join the Exclusive 
Facebook Group
You will be added to the exclusive Facebook group where you will have access to, and strategize with your coach, Shon and other group members.
This group is limited to members ONLY.  Claim your spot before prices increase!
If you find that you aren't quite ready for one-on-one coaching with ICON Coaching, then the ACCELERATED BREAKTHROUGH Program is the perfect fit for you. It's a great way to get the same help that you would with one-on-one coaching, but in a group coaching environment. 

With this program, not only will you have access to tools, templates, models, business planning templates and more, but you will also get access to your ICON Coach who will be coaching you and guiding you step-by-step along the way. The ICON ACCELERATED BREAKTHROUGH Program will help you to gain the knowledge and skills you're striving for to 
confidently accelerate your business! 
16-Week Training Schedule

Month 1

Session 1: Accountability Structure
Session 2: Lead Conversion Conversations
Session 3: Buyer Objections
Session 4: FSBO and Expired Lead Generation

Month 2

Session 5: Self Management
Session 6: NLP Language Patterns
Session 7: Buyer Presentation
Session 8: Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

Month 3

Session 9: Buyer Lead Generation
Session 10: Understanding Behavioral Styles
Session 11: NLP Language Patterns
Session 12: Listing Presentation

Month 4

Session 13: Business Planning the ICON way
Session 14: Managing Your Pipeline
Session 15: Negotiating Strategies
Session 16: Mastermind & Recap

Shon's ability to motivate and inspire others is unparalleled!

"This training is spot on!  My team and I have sold over 4,000 homes and we all learned so much from Shon's techniques.  He is a master of his craft and I'm certain that anyone who attends this training will be glad that they did."
Brent Gove
Author Momentum
Top Producing Realtor
Real Estate Team CEO
Sacramento, CA

Shon has had a HUGE IMPACT on my business!

"Shon's style and delivery will get you excited and motivate to kill it! He had a huge impact on my business and everyone can take his tips and tricks to Accelerate their breakthrough! "
Collette McDonald
ICON Agent
HGTV On Air Expert
The only approved Realtor for the Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta, GA

I personally coached with Shon from 2013-2017...

"I personally coached with Shon from 2013 - 2015 and can honestly say it was my most useful and transformative coaching experience. I have had numerous business coaches since 2010 and the main difference with Shon was that you could tell he truly cared about me as a person and about my success. Many of my other coaches were good people but I felt like I was just a weekly number to them, just a call in a list of many others. I know for sure that Shon had other clients, yet he always made me feel like I was his only one.  He improved my production and profits!

Shon not only helped me improve my business, but he helped me improve my mindset and become a better leader, husband, and father."
David Hill
Author The Sales Playbook,
KWU Faculty Trainer,
Real Estate Team CEO

When I hired Shon I didn't have the money...

"When I hired Shon I didn't have the money and I realized I couldn't afford not to hire him even more. My back was against the wall and failure wasn't an option. He once said this phrase to me, "If at any time you don't believe in yourself, borrow my opinion of you and know that I believe in you". I've had since gone on and made hundreds of thousands of dollars and have impacted thousands of lives. I truly believe if he wouldn't have believed in me that I wouldn't be on the path I'm on today. For that, I'll be forever grateful. " 
Hank Avink
Top Producing Realtor
Now - Mentor and Coach
Who Is Shon Kokoszka?
Shon Kokoszka is a billion-dollar agent, having sold more than 4,000 homes in his 28-year career, achieving the coveted status of Top 100 RE/MAX Worldwide and Top 100 Keller Williams Worldwide. He’s also the former president of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching and MAPS Business Training – the #1 training organization in the world.

Shon helped create the KW BOLD coaching program and The One Thing training curriculum, based on Gary Keller & Jay Papason’s best-selling book. 

Shon has coached thousands of real estate professionals from all major franchises along with Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s, Northwestern Mutual, Fidelity, FedEx, PepsiCo, Genentech, and more.

ICON Coaching offers free coaching strategy sessions, webinars, and agent tools to help real estate agents of any skill advance their careers by learning top-producing techniques to increase listings, buyer sales, profitability, and productivity.

We will share the recording link if you must miss a session.

16 Weekly Zoom meetings
Start Date: 05/02/23
Day of the week: Tuesday
Time: 12:00pm Eastern Time

Facilitator: Shon Kokoszka & Rob Daniel

16 Weekly Zoom meetings
Start Date: 06/06/23
Day of the week: Tuesday
Time: 11:00am Eastern Time

Facilitator: Shon Kokoszka & Rob Daniel
ICON ACCELERATED BREAKTHROUGH will give you the knowledge, skills, 
mindset and habits to achieve extraordinary results.
What's Included:
  • 1 Hour LIVE weekly training/coaching/strategy Zoom calls
  • NLP Language Patterns Training - Become more influential
  • Lead conversion strategies and scripts
  • Lead generation strategies, marketing, social media marketing, scripts and dialogues. 
  • Listing and Buyer Presentations - Get the contract signed! 
  • Access to hundreds of scripts and objection handlers
  • Access to our entire video and audio archive
  • The ETA System - Build YOUR Business Plan
        ICON will help you build your business plan using his proprietary models
  •  4 Months of training / coaching
Total Value - Priceless
Payment Options:
pay all 4 months up front
Save $50 by paying up-front
    4 monthly payments 
    Monthly Subscription price